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valvoline servicing

In the past motor vehicles were simpler and more similar to each other than they are today, which meant that most vehicles had much the same servicing requirements, oil and filter change every 5,000 kms, air cleaner element probably every 10,000 kms and spark plugs and points every 20,000 kms, probably a transmission oil change at either 20 or 40,000 kms and a differential oil change now and then.

Of course there were still some variables, like brake fluid and coolant condition wheel bearing repack and adjust etc.  

We are also licensed to service automotive air conditioning systems (Lic #AU41639).

Call us on 3208 3011 or contact us online for more information about your vehicles servicing needs and costs today!
With today’s modern motor vehicles the level of sophistication in their design and manufacture means that like people, every vehicle is now an individual with the amount of kilometres driven and the conditions under which they are driven creating vehicle specific needs at different intervals.
rac vehicle sticker pngTrying to fit vehicles into “one price fits all” predetermined service types and intervals just doesn’t work any more.
Logbook services are arguably the best method of servicing your vehicle, the service regime is designed by the vehicle manufacturer to care for your vehicle during its life, logbook service interval requirements do vary depending on a number of conditions as outlined in the vehicles handbook and yes we can carry out your logbook services without effecting your manufacturers warranty.
Should you choose to maintain your vehicle by other than logbook services, we offer some options:

At Underwood Car Care, we offer a range of service options to suit your car and your vehicle usage at a fixed price before we begin, so you know exactly what the service is going to cost before we start.
During our inspection of your vehicle should we find any other issues needing attention, we will contact you, inform you of the issue, the estimated price to rectify the issue and not proceed any further without your authourisation ensuring no nasty surprises when you come to collect your vehicle.

Call us on 3208 3011 or contact us online for more information about your vehicles servicing needs and costs today!
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