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Underwood Car Care can provide a full range of services including supply, fit and balance Tyres and of course 2 or 4 wheel alignment.

khumo tyres brisaneDo you know how to check if your tyres have sufficient tread to be safe on your car?

All motor car tyres have wear indicators between the tread to show how much they have worn down, to be legal your tyres must have a minimum of 1.5mm of tread depth at the wear indicators.
This must also be even across the entire tread area, uneven tyre wear will mean you need to replace your tyres before you have achieved the maximum life available.

When we service your vehicle, tyre condition is one of the many items on our safety check list and we will report any anomalies found to you and recommend corrective measures.
Should you suspect your tyres are wearing unevenly, give Ben a call to arrange a free inspection.

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Tyre Pressure

Often neglected, tyre pressure is extremely important and can result in a number of problems:
    Causes premature tyre wear as shown below
    Can adversely affect your fuel economy
    Will reduce handling capability
    May increase your stopping distance in an emergency
We check your tyre pressures and ensure they are correct at every service, but should you have any concerns about your tyres current pressure or what that pressure should be, please give Ben a call to discuss.

inflation of tyres

Wheel Alignment

To ensure the best tyre wear your vehicle must have the correct wheel alignment, more and more this is not just the front wheels but the rear as well.
There are many issues that can cause your wheel alignment to alter including, hitting a curb or pot hole in the road, worn steering or suspension components.

Where there is any damage or wear, these repairs would need to be completed prior to a wheel alignment being performed.
It is important to note that once a tyre starts to wear from incorrect alignment, this wear will continue for the remaining life of the tyre and often will mean that the tyres need to be replaced before a wheel alignment can be carried out.

Please call Ben on 32008 3011 to discuss any concerns you may have about developing uneven tyre wear.

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